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Penzance - Cuxhaven History

Penzance/Cuxhaven Twinning Association:

Since 2009, Penzance has again been twinned with Cuxhaven in northern Germany. The original twinning connection was formed in May 1967 between the former Penzance Borough and Cuxhaven, and this connection was transferred to Penwith District Council when the Borough ceased to exist in 1974.


On the demise of the District Council in April 2009, the twinning again reverted to Penzance and a new Charter was signed by the Mayors of the the two towns in October 2009 - Arno Stabbert, Oberburgmeister and Roy Mann, Mayor.


Every other year a delegation of twinning members pays a week long visit to Cuxhaven and this visit is reciprocated by a delegation from Cuxhaven in the intervening years. The visits were originally termed the 'Week of Sport', but the visits are now opened out to all types of interests and new members are always welcome, whether on a trip to Cuxhaven or here in Penzance.







Some early memories caught on camera.